While the Natsu and you will Happier find yourself employment, both decide to discover something for eating

While the Natsu and you will Happier find yourself employment, both decide to discover something for eating

At the same time, Lucy fundamentally finds out the region from Natsu and you will Happy’s domestic. She decides that it was time and energy to pay-off Natsu and you will Happier having awkward their anytime the two go to the girl from the their domestic. Lucy imagines looking at their couch, simply to has actually your get back, astonished to track down this lady here. Once the she enters your house in the event, she sees a house with overturned chairs, unwashed edibles, and most of the flooring cluttered with junk. [51]

Since the Lucy explores our house, she observes the latest demand off Kaby Melon that have a note pinned stating “The new journey We performed which have Lucy for the first time”. Lucy also sees the latest trademark of fake Salamander that attempted so you can kidnap Lucy and other ladies since slaves, rubble in the meeting place of guild positives on Clover Town you to definitely People Natsu affect lost when they were attacking Lullaby, a keepsake away from Galuna Isle where they took a keen unauthorized S-Classification consult, and Lucy’s housemaid costume. Lucy was moved by Natsu’s actions, and decided to clean up when you are waiting for him or her. [52]

But not, once a long time, Lucy becomes bored with waiting around for Natsu and you can Pleased and you may find commit domestic, only to find them within her domestic sleeping close grindr dating the woman sleep. 1st aggravated, she softens right up whenever she finds Natsu was longing for the woman. [53]

Fairy Tail x Rave [ ]

Natsu, Lucy and you may Happy come into a distant city into the a goal. not, Natsu split up in the classification and you will Lucy and you may Happy is actually pushed to look for your because they usually do not do the trick rather than your. [54]

Lucy and you may Pleased, deciding on Elie, genuinely believe that she could be the Mage they are after. They then query the woman if the she likes to try out from inside the gambling enterprises and you will Elie claims yes, far to their surprise. not, prior to Lucy and Happier can pick about what doing, an explosion is actually heard regarding the town and also the class brains on the it. This new rush is then found are out-of Natsu and you will Haru’s race given that two battle from the local casino. But not, the competition was disrupted when Erza Bright red intervenes and attacks him or her to possess destroying the woman profitable move. Erza will be shown become the latest Mage which was leading to chaos from the gambling establishment. [55]

Later, Natsu’s category and you can Haru’s class direct into their own appeal. Natsu and you may Haru are completely angered by the both and therefore are pretty sure additional try an adverse individual. [56]

Whose Outfits Was These types of? [ ]

Grey try once more versus his attire and you may wanders from the guild-hall, thinking out loud in which the guy leftover him or her. Lucy says to him she does not have any this new faintest tip, since he strips every-where, and you will Wendy tells your so you can at least wear one thing, coating the woman attention. [57]

Grey chooses to put up with different gowns toward moment. Lucy explains that people try Natsu’s gowns and you can Grey understands exactly what which means. Eventually, Natsu will come dressed in Gray’s attire. The two consult its clothing straight back away from each other as Happy and Carla wonder the way they were able to do that. Erza following arrives and you will watching what is happening, chooses to try trading clothes as well. She swaps their armour to possess Lucy’s following Wendy’s attire (each of who look for the lady armor too heavy). Several others including propose to interact trading clothing. [58]

Fairy Lady [ ]

Natsu, Lucy and Delighted encounter Erza of course, if Natsu asks Erza on the the lady unorthodox dress, Erza retorts defensively, seemingly shocking brand new threesome. Although not, he could be way more surprised by the the woman appearance in the place of the girl shouting, just like the Erza’s face and the body has actually were turned abnormally, and that obligates Happy to discuss one to Erza “turned genuine”. [59]

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