Natsu and you will Delighted receive Lucy so you can continue an enthusiastic S-Group Goal together with them

Natsu and you will Delighted receive Lucy so you can continue an enthusiastic S-Group Goal together with them

Later on (when Sherry try defeated), Angelica was about so you can squish Lucy how does friendfinder-x work when Erza unprecedentedly turns up

She is horrified shortly after she discovers one to, lured of the large prize of these mission, Pleased and you can Natsu decided to bargain the fresh new mission’s flyer. Natsu tries to lightens the lady by stating it was at least-expenses one in the fresh new available S-classification operate. Lucy eventually concedes upon discovering one to a golden Trick of Zodiac may also be offered since reward.

Struggling to get a hold of people to ferry them across the, Natsu contemplates relying on diving, it is stopped by Gray, who was purchased to create him or her back. Exactly as they begin to struggle, one of several mariners that has previously refused notices the Secret and agrees to cruise him or her across, inquiring if they have reach lift the newest curse. Natsu after that rapidly hits Gray away and you can drags him on the motorboat. Inside the ride for the isle, the latest sailor top him or her out of the blue disappears before a great tidal trend shipwrecks him or her into island’s coastline.

Once an unfamiliar amount of time passes, Lucy is the earliest so you can win back awareness, and asks in the event the anybody else is good too. Immediately after Grey concedes to praise them completely toward goal, they all venture into the newest area, and ultimately meet the denizens from Galuna and you may observe the newest curse inflicting her or him that had apparently became them for the demons. Brand new gran of your own city requires these to damage the new moon, trusting it can 100 % free her or him on curse. Realizing that work he demands is actually hopeless, Lucy as well as the anyone else decide to have a look at this new area. While you are wandering through the forest, it stumble on and you will beat a giant mouse titled Angelica. No matter if inadvertently, Angelica prospects these to an enormous temple in which they discover the beast Deliora.

Immediately after understanding the area so you’re able to free Deliora and ruin the urban area, Lucy and you can Happy hurry out over warn and rescue the brand new townsfolk. Lucy prepares very easy gap trap prior to the access toward community, hence Pleased pokes enjoyable from the. Although not, Natsu, who is racing on town encased into the ice, seemingly obvious for the pitfall, drops into it it is free of his imprisonment upon impact. After every one of the functions Lucy got put into they, its competitors without difficulty fly along the village, preparing to shed an enormous level of a poisonous jellylike substance. Natsu redirects the new poison using their flame energy and you may Virgo saves the brand new gran off being struck, nevertheless village are shed. Given that Sherry Blendy, one of the some body at the rear of Lyon Vastia’s scheme, flies off along with her mouse Angelica, Lucy holds towards the rat’s base and tickles it, which results in all of them crashing for the surface.

However, both are scared the moment Erza reminds him or her of your abuse that awaits them back within guild

Erza preserves Lucy, but instantly apprehends the woman, saying that the girl just goal would be to recover the lady, Natsu, Happier and you will Grey. Grey contends and you may gets up so you can Erza, managing so you can persuade their so you can forget their unique purpose briefly during the order accomplish the newest S-Group purpose which help the villagers. Lucy and Happier are substantially treated from this.

Immediately after Lyon Vastia are defeated and you will Deliora is situated to get deceased, Cluster Natsu thoughts toward camp build for the villagers, but nobody is to be noticed truth be told there. As it works out, the brand new town moved back to typical as if somebody corrected time. Into gran however adamant for the destroying the new moon, Erza learns the truth about the brand new island, and she and you will Natsu apparently destroy the fresh new moon, effortlessly lifting brand new curse away from Galuna Island. The truth is, the latest Moonlight Trickle brought about good noxious membrane off magical opportunity so you’re able to crystallize and you will function a radio “shell” regarding the heavens, within the entire isle. What they got shed wasn’t the brand new moonlight itself, although aforesaid adding.

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