A small later at guild, Bisca and you may Alzack return using their business and you will Asuka gift suggestions them towards Lacrima

A small later at guild, Bisca and you may Alzack return using their business and you will Asuka gift suggestions them towards Lacrima

An extra later on, a band away from kite-having fun with theft, contacting by themselves Orca Feather Traveling Bandits, swoop inside and you can discount the latest Lacrima souvenir away from Asuka’s hands. Natsu desires Prepared to bring him so he is able to wade shortly after them, however the Meet or exceed has been lying on to the ground during the wonder over the kiss and you may bemoaning one to his beloved mouth area were destroyed. Saddened observe the lady dear items stolen, Asuka opens up fire towards the bandit whom took brand new Lacrima that have the lady toy firearm and you can manages to strike all of the sample; although not, due to the fact gun is not actual, the new theft need zero destroy, and remain the eliminate. Seeing Asuka bust into the rips, Natsu pushes the young women’s cap down more than the woman attention and you may, once the girl shoots blindly, Natsu spends his Secret so you can shoot along the enemies. Even after it getting your who hit her or him, the guy pretends it absolutely was Asuka whom sample him or her down, making Lucy see that he destroyed the group back in new guild purposely to make the lady pleased, consequently, this to make Lucy enjoy Natsu’s good top. [70]

When you look at the react to its surprised phrases, Natsu and you may Lucy define which they took Asuka on a number of easy efforts, and the baffled hitched few after that describe that the Lacrima is actually brand new reward it received through to conclusion of very first goal they took along with her. In the event the someone else ponder as to why they had ever before traded such as for example a precious memento out, they only point out that that they had so you’re able to hence Asuka would discover at some point, before leaving to own home. On the way out from the guild, Asuka says to her moms and dads you to definitely Natsu and you can Happy kissed, to your a couple one another leaving comments you to definitely Natsu and you may Pleased yes appear discover collectively well. When you find yourself Lucy giggles about it, Natsu and you can Happy search ill. [71]

Fairies’ Christmas [ ]

Whenever Christmas rolls around inside Magnolia, brand new members of Class Natsu, in addition to Juvia, Gajeel, does furfling work Levy, and you can Pantherlily all of the gather when you look at the Lucy’s flat in order to enjoy it, far in order to Lucy’s chagrin. Erza then pressures their to participate, and commence consuming, leading to the lady to help you easily get intoxicated. Lucy, inside her drunken county asks you to Natsu initiate purring, of course, if he declines, she details him, and you may starts purring himself, much so you’re able to Natsu’s own chagrin. Erza next begins the newest “Guild Learn Video game”, where anybody who selections the right number reaches order the remainder on the space up to, inducing the lady (save yourself Erza) to rapidly sober up. During the online game, Natsu is designed to dance naked, far in order to Lucy’s shame, and you will Lucy gets hot wax dripped onto the girl back, much to help you Natsu’s anger. Fundamentally the game closes whenever Erza is sent domestic, leaving the remainder outdone in her own apartment.

Stone Ages [ ]

For the a prehistoric form, Natsu and you can Happier is bing search a boar, after they discover Lucy taking in a pool, and manage to need the girl. They render this lady returning to the latest men’s room town, where Makarov indicates that she is a “woman”, prior to are incapacitated whenever their “sausage” is sexy. Unfortuitously, it is rapidly implemented right up of the remainder of Lucy’s group, all women, coming in to save the woman. It with ease defeat brand new people (that are and additionally incapacitated by the the “sausages”), no matter if Natsu won’t help Lucy go. As he keeps to the lady, he accidentally gropes the lady, consequentially “awakening” his or her own “sausage”, hence scares the ladies out. Natsu is actually kept mislead but met, since the Lucy sobs more than being left about. Yet not, because the woman is sobbing, Natsu slices this lady binds, and you will affectionately pats their with the direct, saying that the woman is “his”, and you will he’s going to maintain the lady today. Upon reading so it, Lucy blushes, and you can relaxes off.

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